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A Young Down Syndrome Man Adopts a Heroic Identity to Confess a Lifelong Love in Émile V. Schlesser’s ‘Superhero’

Émile V. Schlesser speaks to DN about the challenges of executing an ambitious water-based set piece for his debut short film 'Supehero'.

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Film Festival, Live Action

A Down’s Syndrome Boxer Must Withstand a Pre-Bout Battle of Wills in Bugsy Riverbank Steel’s ‘Fighter’

Ten minutes before a match, a Down’s syndrome boxer fights for his right to get in the ring in Bugsy Riverbank Steel’s visceral short.

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Live Action

Kire Paputts Challenges Preconceptions About Special Needs Actors in ‘The Rainbow Kid’

DN alumni Kire Paputts tell us how his forthcoming feature 'The Rainbow Kid' bucks the norm without succumbing to lazy cinematic conventions, to tell the

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