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WeAreDN // Lockdown: Eye for an Eye

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

31st May, 2020

Embrace the siren call to vengeance with a WeAreDN // Lockdown collection which leans into our primal desire to even the score & claim an 'Eye for an Eye'.

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Love, Betrayal & Revenge Have Their Destructive Way in Floyd Russ’ ‘Cashmere’


15th March, 2017

Set within an interlocking love triangle between a husband, his wife and her lover, Floyd Russ crafts an iterative story of love, betrayal and revenge.

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China’s Leftover Women are Finally Heard in Floyd Russ’ Emotional ‘Marriage Market’ Docu-Takeover


9th May, 2016

Floyd Russ returns to DN to discuss how he brought Chinese daughters and parents together for his heartbreakingly emotive documentary ‘Marriage Market’.

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Floyd Russ Charts the Disturbing True Life Ordeal of a Sex Trafficking Survivor in ‘Crazy Heart’


14th December, 2015

DN invited Director Floyd Russ to share how he brought the harrowing story of Jennifer Kempton’s experiences as a sex trafficking survivor to screen in

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