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Steven Briand Captures the All Encompassing Emotion of a First Kiss Between Lovers in Aerial Dance Short ‘Plume’

Art & Fashion

4th October, 2019

Paris-based writer/director/producer Steven Briand taps into the all-encompassing emotion of the first kiss between lovers in aerial dance short 'Plume'.

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Learn How Neels Castillon Delivered a Vibrant Confluence of Colour and Motion in Dance Short ‘Parce Que’

Art & Fashion, Music

3rd October, 2019

"Mixing dancing and painting could easily become an arty ‘cliché’." Neels Castillon takes us behind the scenes of vibrant dance short 'Parce Que'.

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Animation, Asides

30th September, 2019

Stunning Supinfocom grad short 'Overrun' follows an ant’s desperate struggle to escape from an unknown dangerous, yet mesmerising world.

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Animation, Asides

26th July, 2019

An accidental phone call sends a woman into a warm reverie about a past summer of love in Léa Bancelin’s beautifully animated EMCA grad short 'Contact'.

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Canblaster: Wild Horses

Animation, Asides, Music

16th July, 2019

A young couple clash over the prospect of life immortal while their city falls into civil unrest in Kévin Roualland and Maxime Dupuy’s 'Wild Horses'.

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Julien Piau Examines the “Change of Individuals and the Impact on Others” in Surreal Animation ‘ENTRE LES ROCHERS’


14th June, 2019

French animator Julien Piau returns to Directors Notes for a third time, with his latest short 'ENTRE LES ROCHERS' (BETWEEN THE ROCKS).

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Christian Rich: Shibuya (Ghost II) – Feat. Jaden Smith, Vic Mensa & Belly

Animation, Asides, Music

10th June, 2019

Eddy Director Olivier Lescot sets a marauding quintet loose for a night of stylised violence in animated Christian Rich music video 'Shibuya (Ghost II)'.

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Animation, Asides, Live Action

5th June, 2019

Cheerldr gives his CGI creations centre stage in 'Louise' - the story of a girl whose memories drift away, crossing the boundaries of time and reality.

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Therapie TAXI: J’en ai Marre


30th May, 2019

French pop trio Therapie TAXI get to grips with their obnoxious alter egos in Kelzang Ravach & Temple Caché’s primary coloured 'J'en ai Marre' music

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Patrick Knot Takes a Symbolic Journey into the Spirit of Bauhaus in 100th Anniversary Short ‘Courage’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

13th May, 2019

Patrick Knot tells DN how he headed to France to capture a symbolic journey into the spirit of Bauhaus in 100th anniversary commemorative short 'Courage'.

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The Ogre

Animation, Asides

1st May, 2019

Laurene Braibant excels in writing/directing duties for 'The Ogre' – a beautiful meets grotesque short about the titular character’s insatiable hunger.

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Finger Night

Asides, Live Action

17th April, 2019

An app-initiated hookup between two hands escalates into a torrid night of passion in Mara Joly’s raunchy Random Acts comedy short 'Finger Night'.

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