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Life Is a Journey Not a Destination in Christopher Hanany’s Free-Flowing Spiritual Dance Short ‘The Way’

Art & Fashion

6th September, 2021

Christopher Hanany talks to DN about the benefits he found in trusting his performers and embracing their spontaneity for spiritual dance short 'The Way'.

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A Young Woman Falls for the Seductive Allure of a Tilt-a-Whirl in Zoé Wittocks Fantastical Romance Debut ‘Jumbo’

Live Action

8th July, 2021

Zoé Wittock provides an insight into the production practicalities of choreographing the many moving parts of her objectophilia romance feature 'Jumbo'.

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Love and Freedom Are Found On the Open Road in Thomas Vernay’s LGBTQ Music Video ‘Bad Things’


28th April, 2021

Thomas Vernay returns to DN to discuss the production of his single-take music video 'Bad Things', a romantic ode to freedom, love and the open road.

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Molly Gillis Explores a Woman’s Yearning to Overcome Her Current Fragility in Graceful Short ‘Plaisir’

Film Festival, Live Action

21st March, 2021

Molly Gillis takes DN inside the creation of ‘Plaisir’, a sun-soaked autobiographical tale of self-discovery & unrequited love in the South of France.

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Nicolas Lichtle Delivers a Disturbing Snapshot of The Year 2020 In Conceptual Short ‘à la fin…’


8th October, 2020

Nicolas Lichtle talks to DN about adopting experimental techniques & surreal imagery to illustrate how catastrophic 2020 has been thus far in 'à la fin…'

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James F Coton’s “Day 48” A Quarantine Short Story Turns Lockdown into Art

Live Action

5th June, 2020

The coronavirus-inspired shorts keep coming! James F Coton's laptop and iPhone screen based 'Day 48' ups the ante on today's digitally mediated times.

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Marc Augey on Capturing the Mood of Quarantine Life in ‘How are u feeling?’

Live Action, Premiere

2nd June, 2020

Marc Augey found his film change dramatically when the entire world went into lockdown. We talked to him about how quarantine shaped his debut short.

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Neumodel: Hayah (Feat. Kiddysmile)

Asides, Music

30th January, 2020

Things get decidedly dark and twisted in Axel Morin’s disturbing black and white music video for Neumodel’s anti-establishment anthem 'Hayah'.

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Sans Gravité

Animation, Asides

29th January, 2020

An astronaut struggles to find his purpose here on terra firma in charming Supinfocom Rubika grad short 'Sans Gravité'.

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Igorrr: Very Noise

Asides, Music

24th January, 2020

We take absolutely no responsibility for the bizarre nightmares you’ll have after watching Meat Dept.’s freakily fleshy 'Very Noise' music video.

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Steven Briand Captures the All Encompassing Emotion of a First Kiss Between Lovers in Aerial Dance Short ‘Plume’

Art & Fashion

4th October, 2019

Paris-based writer/director/producer Steven Briand taps into the all-encompassing emotion of the first kiss between lovers in aerial dance short 'Plume'.

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Learn How Neels Castillon Delivered a Vibrant Confluence of Colour and Motion in Dance Short ‘Parce Que’

Art & Fashion, Music

3rd October, 2019

"Mixing dancing and painting could easily become an arty ‘cliché’." Neels Castillon takes us behind the scenes of vibrant dance short 'Parce Que'.

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