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A Gangster in Ghana Faces a Humanistic Moral Dilemma in Anthony Nti’s Soaring Drama ‘Da Yie’

Live Action

19th January, 2021

Anthony Nti details how he cinematically reflected Ghana for his short drama about a chance encounter between two young children and a stranger 'Da Yie'.

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The Fraternal Bond of Two Young Orphans Is Threatened in Amartei Armar’s Ghanaian Coming of Age Short ‘Vagabonds’

Live Action, Premiere

4th October, 2019

Writer/Director Amartei Armar tells DN why he wants to reframe audience responses to African narratives with his Ghanaian coming of age drama 'Vagabonds'.

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Paul Nevison Exposes the Cold Cruelty of Ghana’s Modern Day Child Slavery in ‘Lake Volta’

Documentary, Premiere

10th May, 2018

Paul Nevison’s ‘Lake Volta’ provides a harrowing firsthand account of the experience of a young boy sold into slavery on the world’s largest

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Tommaso Cassinis & Hagan Go in Search of the Roots of Ghana’s Music Scene in Crudo Volta Doc ‘Yenkyi...

Documentary, Music

20th April, 2018

DN speaks to Tommaso Cassinis about working with London music producer Hagan and Crudo Volta to explore Ghana's music scene in documentary 'Yenkyi Taxi'.

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