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Sergio Pastore Finds Hope on a Dying World in Poignant Hauschka Music Video ‘My Kids Live On Mars’

Animation, Music

29th June, 2017

Sergio Pastore takes us through the creation of his sublimely enchanting tale of altruism created for renowned prepared piano composer Hauschka.

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Tobias Stretch & HAUSCHKA combine to make a music video of real emotion & beauty.

Animation, Music

10th October, 2014

With a back catalogue of music videos which lists Radiohead and Efterklang as collaborators, Director/Animator/Sculptor Tobias Stretch has become somewhat

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Robin Thomson Gets Us into the Gig Before the Gig with His ‘Strangely Ritual’ Series


16th January, 2014

Robin Thomson has been bringing to light the creative intimacy of the soundcheck with his Strangely Ritual series of films & today takes DN behind the

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Hilary Hahn & Hauschka: Bounce Bounce

Animation, Asides, Music

7th May, 2012

Hayley Morris creates a colourful parade of tide pool choreography for her delightfully tactile feeling music video for German pianist Hauschka.

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Jeff Desom & Hauschka

Animation, Asides, Live Action, Music

1st July, 2011

Jeff Desom's visuals married with Hauschka's compositions have produced films of aching beauty, playfulness, and at times sadness. DN takes a look.

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