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Jack Weatherley Ventures Into the Darkness of Nightmares for Unsettling Music Video ‘I’ve Got a Future’


13th February, 2018

Director Jack Weatherley returns to DN to delve into the nightmares which inspired his stripped down, unnerving promo come art piece 'I've Got a Future'.

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Paula Radcliffe Reveals the Joy and Pain of Distance Running in Jack Weatherley’s Intimate Portrait


5th September, 2016

In Jack Weatherley's portrait, long distance runner Paula Radcliffe reveals the mental and physical fortitude required to be a world record holding athlete

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Jack Weatherley’s Poetic Short ‘The Hope You Promised Love’ Beautifully Blends Real and Virtual Cinematography

Live Action, Premiere

1st August, 2016

Jack Weatherley reflects on the mix of virtual & traditional cinematography seamlessly combined in his balletic short ‘The Hope You Promised Love’

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