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A Murderer in the Smallest Town in America Reveals the Gruesome Details of His Crime in James Coyle’s ‘Confession’

Live Action, Premiere

26th November, 2020

Created entirely with miniatures, James Coyle's 'Confession' is a noirish micro-thriller about a murderer's declaration in a small-town police station.

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A Young Woman Struggles to Forge a New Path in a Foreign City in James&James’ Experimental Short ‘Léa’

Live Action

24th February, 2020

James&James return to DN with new short 'Léa', an exploration of a young woman in a foreign city struggling to figure out what life has in store for her.

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Kidd Adamz Reflects on How Miami Shaped Him in James&James’ Contemplative Documentary Short


2nd April, 2019

James&James share how taking a chance on their Kidd Adamz doc resulted in a personal portrait of an artist determined not to squander his opportunities.

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