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13th September, 2016

John Merizalde's rousing documentary takes us into the minds of the US Paralympic Soccer Team ahead of their trip to compete in the Rio Olympics.

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Riding the Line Between Documentary & Music Video in John Merizalde’s Hybrid Roller Rink Short ‘Cascade’

Documentary, Music

18th July, 2016

DN caught up with John Merizalde to discover how he went about immortalising Atlanta roller rink Cascade in his documentary meets music video for SG Lewis

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John Merizalde Elevates the Brand Film into a Timely Piece of Social Commentary in ‘11x HUMAN’

Art & Fashion

8th December, 2015

John Merizalde and clothing label AKOO tackle issues of racism, black on black crime and police brutality in 11x HUMAN - a brand film with a social

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John Merizalde Gives Urban Violence a Poetic Spin in B&W Rap Video ‘Bang’


29th April, 2014

In the hands of director John Merizalde the urban story of violence that you think you know takes on a whole new dimension in his black & white music video

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Dog Bite: Prettiest Pills


22nd February, 2013

A few months ago we saw John Merizalde dip his toe into the world of music videos with The Beat Comes for Snowden, now he settles into that role with witchy

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Snowden: The Beat Comes


1st August, 2012

On seeing a call for promo treatments on Facebook from Snowden, director John Merizalde shifted his focus from the celestial heights of record breaking

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Waltz for One

Live Action

19th June, 2012

Breaking into internet orbit just in time to commemorate the 49th anniversary of cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky’s near on 5 days of solo space flight, John

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