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Live Action, Premiere

Hilary Eden Immerses Us in the Fervently Charged World of a Y2K Teenager in Nostalgic Short ‘Bellybutton’

Hilary Eden speaks to DN about the power she found in the specificity of her storytelling for her evocative coming-of-age portrait of adolescent girlhood.

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Kyryl Volovych Creates Intimacy Through the Amalgamation of Souls in Sensual Entely Music Video ‘Prosa’

Director Kyryl Volovych and DoP Borya Borysov break down how they technically achieved the stately cinematography of their 16mm dance music video.

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Live Action

Unexpected Revelations Strengthen the Bonds of Friendship in Leonard Rääf’s Comedy Drama ‘Hiding Behind Masks’

Leonard Rääf talks to DN about crafting the story of a friendship strengthened by the discovery of well-kept secrets in his new coming-of-age drama comedy.

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Animation, Live Action

Female Pleasure Is Given a Playful Fulfilling Expression in Alena Shevchenko’s ‘Sorry I Am Late I Was Masturbating’

Alena Shevchenko explains why she wanted to explore female pleasure in her film about a woman banishing pre-date nerves with a spot of self-gratification.

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Art & Fashion

Tom Wakeling’s Experimental Sci-Fi ‘Pattern’ Is a Dreamlike Voyage on the Destructive Power of Repetition

Tom Wakeling reveals the in-camera lighting effects he utilised to achieve the illusive visuals of his experimental sci-fi short.

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