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A Stranger Arises Out of the Ocean to Feast in Federico Urdaneta’s Mystical Video for Pigeon’s ‘It’s You’

Filmmaker Federico Urdaneta describes the otherworldly sensibility he wanted his protagonist to evoke in his visceral Margate-set music video.

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Live Action, Premiere

Yvette Farmer Expands the Cinematic Possibilities of the Monologue Film With Margate Set Short ‘X Anniversary’

A beautifully shot collection of seaside monologues, Yvette Farmer's 'X Anniversary' boasts four very different captivating performances by Keeley Forsyth.

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Submerge Yourself in the Calming Waters of Community in Margate Tidal Pool Documentary ‘Taking the Waters’

Kathryn Ferguson & Anna Hart tell DN about the calming waters of community they found in an 80yr old Margate tidal pool for doc short 'Taking the Waters'.

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