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Live Action

1st February, 2013

Nash Edgerton’s Spider has long held its position on DN’s ‘best shorts of all time list’ – it’s a pretty easy guess as

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Edgerton Update


7th August, 2010

After watching Rachel Ward’s Beautiful Kate at the weekend, I decided it was time I did a bit of research on the recent emergence of Australian

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The Square – Nash Edgerton

Live Action

26th March, 2010

Spider by Nash Edgerton is one of those shorts that will stick in your head for a long, long time and is a firm favourite here at Directors Notes HQ. With

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DN122: Spider – Nash Edgerton

Live Action, Podcasts

12th February, 2009

Given the amount of time I spend watching films on my laptop or iPhone it’s easy to forget the role of cinema as a shared experience.

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