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Director Nick Peterson Offers Backers the Opportunity to Star in his Latest Film

Live Action

29th April, 2016

Looking for help crowdfunding his latest film 'Sticky Fingers', director Nick Peterson joins us to discuss the benefits of rotoscoping and what backers can

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Kickstart The Visitant from Nick Peterson & Jon Heder

Live Action

7th May, 2013

Writer/Director Nick Peterson once again teams up with Actor Jon Heder (taking up the producer role) to start production on their new short ‘The

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DN273: Drained – Nick Peterson & Jon Heder

Animation, Art & Fashion, Podcasts

24th January, 2013

Writer/director Nick Peterson and producer Jon Heder join us this week with their experimental, pixilation based short Drained, which allegorically depicts

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Animation, Art & Fashion

24th October, 2012

Created from over 250,000 photographs, Nick Peterson’s kickstarter funded short Drained is the twisted tale of how a man’s addictions can

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