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Nickolas Duarte Unearths the Painful Past of the Man Who Paints Souls in Surprising Documentary Short ‘Jay’

Director Nickolas Duarte unravels the 5 year journey behind his surprising glimpse into the extraordinary life of an abstract artist with an abstract past.

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A Woman Tries Not to Drown in a Sea of Guilt in Nickolas Duarte’s ‘Trouble Will Find Her’

Nickolas Duarte explains how he was able to embody guilt as a foreboding, pervasive presence in his melancholic character drama ‘Trouble Will Find Her’.

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DN348: Nickolas Duarte Discovers the Painful Past of the Man Who Paints Souls in ‘Jay’

Nickolas Duarte's doc provides a glimpse into the extraordinary and complex life of Jay Kyle Peterson, an abstract artist with an even more abstract past.

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Still-life comedy props come to life in an exploration of what’s funny. Maybe not what’s “funny, ha ha'”, but more of what’s

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DN248: What You Need – Nickolas Duarte

Director Nickolas Duarte joins us today with What You Need, his film about a boy out of step with the world around him. We discuss how the idea for a 15 second

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