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Desire Becomes Dangerous Obsession in Norman Bates’ Dark Tale of Damaged Lovers ‘Wichita’


24th July, 2017

Directing Duo Norman Bates return to DN to talk about playing with fire for their dark Domino Gold music video of love, compassion and obsession.

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Norman Bates Take the Pinocchio Story for a Retro-Futuristic Spin in ‘We Must Be Crazy’


8th April, 2014

Belgian directing twosome Norman Bates talk to DN about their powerfully emotional “cinematic retro-futuristic spin on the classic Pinocchio story”.

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Straus Park

Live Action

8th June, 2013

Passion abounds in Norman Bates’ intriguing (and slightly NSFW) trailer for Straus Park, the new novel from P. B. Gronda.

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Roscoe: Lowlands

Asides, Music

3rd May, 2012

Amidst Bucharest's junkyards and deserted roadsides, Norman Bates' tells the story of the father/son bond abused and tested beyond breaking point.

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