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Jeanie Finlay Top Ten Feature Films of 2022

From bangers and pop culture celebrations to stories that mine memories and relationships for meaning Jeanie Finlay runs through her top ten films of 2022.

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SXSW2011: Umshini Wam/Paranmanjang

I realise you’re still waiting to hear about just what I’ve been seeing and who I’ve been talking to at SXSW this year – excuse

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Paranmanjang (Night Fishing) Teaser

I know I’m risking retribution from El Vez by beating him to the punch on this one, but news this good can’t wait around. You may have been aware

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Live Action

Thirst – Park Chan-Wook

The creature known as Vampire has featured in films for around 100 years now and the vampire movie has gone through many forms and various stages of

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