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Péter Vácz Discusses Making the Jump From Animation to Live Action Filmmaking in Playful Short ‘Pillowface’

Live Action

23rd October, 2018

DN catches up with Péter Vácz to discover how he made the jump from animation to live action filmmaking in his playful hotel room short 'Pillowface'.

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Péter Vácz & James Reunite for a Psychedelic Trip of Metamorphosis in ‘Dear John’


28th July, 2016

Péter Vácz takes us inside his psychedelic tale of transformation and dark secrets created for new James track ‘Dear John’

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Animating a Friendship Not Bound by Dimensions in Péter Vácz’s Award Winning ‘Rabbit and Deer’


16th December, 2014

We discuss how Péter Vácz battled the pressures of tight timeframes & new techniques to deliver a universal story about the power of enduring friendship.

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Péter Vácz Delivers a Powerful Tale of Loss & Regret in ‘All I’m Saying’

Animation, Music

4th November, 2014

Péter Vácz's music video for James' 'All I'm Saying' gives beautiful stop motion action to a very personal story of loss and regret. Péter joins us for a

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DN292: Rabbit and Deer – Péter Vácz

Animation, Podcasts

11th July, 2013

Péter Vácz’s short Rabbit and Deer masterfully mixes simple hand-drawn animation with rich stop motion filmmaking to tell the story of a friendship put

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Animation, Asides

23rd November, 2011

Péter Vácz's 2010 grad animation 'Streamschool' is a charming tale of a little girl who, "has an adventure with water as she travels from a small brook to

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