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A Woman Traverses Dimensions to a Place of Frozen Time in Kyryl Volovych’s Ghostly Music Video ‘The Sister Of’

Kyryl Volovych reveals the inspiration he drew from Stalker and The Seventh Seal when creating his ethereal, science fiction-inflected ĠENN music video.

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Live Action

Michael Rees’ Comedy ‘Middle Sized Things’ Sees a Lecturer’s Nonsensical Theory Demolished by His Students

Michael Rees takes DN through his brisk and effective approach to production for his short about a lecturer being challenged about his baffling thesis.

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Live Action, Premiere

Two Women Philosophise Over the Meaning of the Universe in Henry Young’s One-Take Drama ‘The Big Nothing’

Henry Young walks DN through the slick execution of his one-shot drama 'The Big Nothing' which sees two young women ponder the meaning of existence.

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