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The Voices of Palestine’s Oppressed and Colonised Speak Out in Zaya & Maurizio Benazzo’s ‘Where Olive Trees Weep’

Zaya & Maurizio Benazzo discuss how they safeguarded their team and contributors when documenting the struggles of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation.

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Live Action, Premiere

A Strange Noise in the Night Leads to a Spooky Encounter in Ben S. Hyland’s Comedy Horror ‘Bleep’

Ben S. Hyland reveals how he used misdirection to great comic effect in his short about a bickering couple investigating a strange unidentifiable noise.

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Zuzanna Plisz’s Striking Monochrome Horror Music Video ‘I DIED’ Takes Direct Aim at Dated Catholic Mores

Zuzanna Plisz discusses using monochrome cinematography, subverted horror tropes & slowly building atmosphere to create her striking music video.

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Art & Fashion

Kevin Kim Evokes the Cinematic Sensibility of Wong Kar-Wai for His Sumptuous Fashion Film ‘Capsule 003′

Kevin Kim tells DN how he conjured the hazy, wide-angled look of Wong Kar-Wai's Happy Together and Fallen Angels for his Alex S. Yu fashion short.

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