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Turin Brakes: The Quiet Ones

Asides, Music

19th February, 2018

Rob Brown captures the centuries old tradition of Tar Barrel burning in his incendiary new music video for Turin Brakes’ track 'The Quiet One'.

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The Traumatic Past Threatens to Destroy a Promising Future in Rob Brown’s ‘Sixteen’

Live Action

21st May, 2015

We revisit our podcast interview recorded with DN alum Rob Brown ahead of his feature debut's world premiere at the London Film Festival.

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DN LFF2013: Sixteen – Rob Brown

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

17th October, 2013

Rob Brown returns to DN with the feature debut about a former child soldier trying to make peace with his past and move on to a promising future.

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Asides, Live Action

31st August, 2013

We still have a bit of a wait to see the fruits of DN alumnus director Rob Brown’s successfully crowdfunded feature Sixteen, but you can get a further

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Kickstart Rob Brown’s Debut Feature ‘Sixteen’

Live Action

12th July, 2013

Help talented UK Director Rob Brown take his feature debut Sixteen through post-production and into film festivals.

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DN172: Silent Things – Rob Brown

Live Action, Podcasts

11th July, 2010

Knowing who you can count on in life and when to admit someone new to that finite list is always tricky decision, doubly so for the autistic lead in Rob

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SotW: Echoes

Live Action

17th February, 2010

There’s something perverse about the fact that my SotW pick of abused, sex trafficked women, happened to be posted on the universal day of love, but

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