It’s been a little over three years since DN alumni Rob Brown spoke to us about his short film Silent Things, but even back then the seeds of his feature debut, about a former child soldier trying to make peace with his past and move on to a promising future, Sixteen were well and truly sown. We’re very pleased to welcome Rob back to DN following Sixteen’s world premiere at the London Film Festival.

Sixteen (2013)

Jumah is about to turn 16 in two days and wants to leave his violent past behind him. Things seem to have taken a turn for the better with Jumah now; he has a sweet but tentative romance blossoming with a girl at school. But then Jumah witnesses a stabbing and the people involved want to make sure that Jumah says nothing to the police about what he saw that night. Pressure mounts as violence forces its way back into Jumah’s life.

My interest in a particular story always starts with the character rather than a particular plot.

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