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VERSUS Exalt Western Sydney’s Multidisciplinary Pool of Creative Talent in Ambitious Shorts Series ‘Latitudes’

VERSUS discuss the unexpected cohesive aesthetic of their film trilogy showcasing Western Sydney's typically underrepresented and under-resourced artists.

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Live Action, Premiere

Calvin Demba Takes an Algorithmic Look at the Damaging Cycle of Toxic Relationships in Sexbot Comedy ‘BabyDolls’

We speak to Calvin Demba about creating a timeless feeling for his dark AI relationship comedy about a misogynistic man falling victim to his own toxicity.

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Art & Fashion, Premiere

Andy McCallie Documents Chris Robertson’s Profound Monologue on American History in One-Take Short ‘Freedom Song’

Andy McCallie tells DN how he used the restrictions of one-shot filmmaking to manifest the power of Chris Robertson's profound ‘Freedom Song' monologue.

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