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A Woman Traverses Dimensions to a Place of Frozen Time in Kyryl Volovych’s Ghostly Music Video ‘The Sister Of’

Kyryl Volovych reveals the inspiration he drew from Stalker and The Seventh Seal when creating his ethereal, science fiction-inflected ĠENN music video.

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Animation, Premiere

A Delusional Man Meddles With Space and Time in Sascha Vernik’s Sci-Fi Thriller Animation ‘Losing It’

Sascha Vernik breaks down the process of creating the stylised, vivid and pulpy visual aesthetic of his trippy, time-hopping animated short.

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Live Action

Michael Socha Sees Double in Uzo Oleh’s Gripping, Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Edicius’

Uzo Oleh details the motion control and in-camera practical effects he deployed to ask if we can trust our intuition in his moody sci-fi chamber piece.

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Live Action, Premiere

A Young Boy Fights Depression With Time in Jonathan Herzberg’s ‘Seven Things I’ve Learned About Time Travel’

A young boy attempts to cure his mother's depression with a time machine in Jonathan Herzberg's sci-fi short 'Seven Things I've Learned About Time Travel'.

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