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Vimeo Festival 2012: Music Video Finalists

Film Festival, Music

28th May, 2012

The music video category is probably one of the most popular categories in the Vimeo festival and a form of filmmaking that we’ve noticed seems to go

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Vimeo Festival 2012: Action Sports Finalists

Documentary, Film Festival

27th May, 2012

Another new addition to the Vimeo awards, the action sports category features video that uses filmmaking to creatively showcase action sports. The 4

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Vimeo Festival 2012: Remix Finalists

Film Festival

26th May, 2012

I like to think of this new addition to the Vimeo awards as the waste not, want not category but I suppose that’s not nearly as snappy as the remix

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Vimeo Festival 2012: Advertising Finalists

Film Festival

25th May, 2012

For an industry worried about the migration of eyeballs away from its content through the magic of TiVo commercial skipping and the continual increase of

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Vimeo Festival 2012: Animation Finalists

Animation, Film Festival

24th May, 2012

Not since The Beatles have we witnessed a quartet as strong as the 4 finalists in the animation category of the Vimeo awards. Hailing from Canada, France,

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Vimeo Awards 2012 Voting Open


17th April, 2012

So the deadline has passed and the 2012 Vimeo Awards submissions have been whittled down to a svelte 156 shorts across 13 categories, now all that’s

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WeAreDN Hits 1000 Videos


6th March, 2012

Late to game, perhaps? Work shy, never! We may have only got our act together last September and finally launched the WeAreDN Vimeo Channel, but El Vez and

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Vimeo Gets a Facelift


24th January, 2012

We, as I’m sure a lot of you guys do, spend a massive chunk of our online time on the mighty Vimeo hunting for the films that are DN’s bread and

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The 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards Submissions

Asides, Film Festival

13th December, 2011

Well of course they weren’t going to stop after just one year! Yep the submission clock has started for 2012’s Vimeo Festival + Awards. The

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Vimeo Music Store


22nd September, 2011

So you’ve got the picture lock on your indie masterpiece and whilst you’d love to bring in a composer to add that musical magic, there’s

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Katie Armstrong


13th September, 2011

Not only does Katie Armstrong get to work for Vimeo (jealous!) as a Content + Community Manager, she also produces playful animated pieces that manage to be

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WeAreDN Vimeo Channel


12th September, 2011

Yes the title says it all, DN now has its own bonafide channel on the glorious home of filmmaking that is Vimeo (and as you can see we’re in mighty

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