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Elijah Allan-Blitz’s ‘Remembering’ Uses Cutting-Edge AR Technology to Open up a World of Pure Imagination

Elijah Allan-Blitz explains how he created new augmented reality technology with Disney StudioLAB that allows for an enhanced storytelling experience.

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Animation, Music

Lucas Hrubizna Traverses Purgatory Through Five Uncanny Groundbreaking VolCap Music Videos for Sad Night Dynamite

Lucas Hrubizna shares his experience of pushing volumetric capture technology to achieve the eerie visuals of his music video compilation.

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Live Action

A Woman’s Virtual Spirit Fights to Reenter Her Body in Kinect Dance Music Video ‘Blossom Through’

Michael Gugger tells DN how he & Arthur Valverde combined dance footage with 3D depth data for distorted digital mirror music video 'Blossom Through'.

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Liars: The Exact Color of Doubt

So a few months back we sat down with Jonathan Minard & James George to discuss their infinite conversation computational documentary Clouds and the

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DN266: Clouds – Jonathan Minard & James George

Jonathan Minard and James George’s infinite conversation Clouds is a computational documentary which explores the beauty of code through the new

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