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The Violence of the Milanese Underworld Hits Hard in Vivarinis Film ‘Mascagni’ Symphony | Inno all’Infamia’

Alessandro & Flavio Vivarini discuss creating a haunting ode to Italian gangsters with heavy contrasts, religious images and floating widescreen frames.

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Ajuàn Isaac-George’s ‘Snowfalls in the Summer’ Richly Captures the Ups & Downs of Family Life as the Years Roll

Ajuàn Isaac-George reveals how he collapsed the sweep of decades into minutes through clever editing, precise dialogue and detailed character backstories.

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Nina Ognjanović’s Slamdance Debut ‘Where the Road Leads’ Encapsulates the Push-and-Pull of Rural Living

Nina Ognjanović explains creating her Serbian mystery-western through widescreen frames, rigorous location scouting and a less-is-more approach.

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