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YGT: Mothertongue

Animation, Asides, Music

13th June, 2019

Adrift at sea, a mysterious traveller creates a version of Eden within her own psyche in Alex Moy’s gorgeously animated 'Mothertongue' music video.

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Eleventh Century

Animation, Asides, Music

24th April, 2019

A menagerie of colourful critters populate the world of Marco Puccini’s new animated music video for YGT track 'Eleventh Century'.

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Sam Mason Unveils the Seeds of an Epic Mythology in Surreal YGT Short ‘Sinking Ship’

Animation, Art & Fashion, Music

4th February, 2019

Sam Mason talks to DN about crafting a new mythology through surreal landscapes & impossible characters in his YGT collaboration 'Sinking Ship'.

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Your Gay Thoughts: Spitting Image


21st December, 2016

Matt Faller and Your Gay Thoughts juxtapose the egotistical yet self-reflective nature of the modern era in their kaleidoscopic music video.

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