I suppose it would be polite for me to kick off with a warm, friendly hello to you, the visitor of the Directors Notes blog/podcast, swiftly followed by our heartfelt thanks for heading over here in the first place – I hope we live up to whatever it was that enticed you here. In case it wasn’t your inquisitive nature, but rather the internet gremlins who thrust us upon you completely randomly, you may still want to hang around and check things out.

We’re Directors Notes and our plan is to provide YOU the subscriber (hint hint) or casual visitor with illuminating discussions which shed some light on how the best pieces of independent visual media are produced. That isn’t to say we’re all formal and text booky about it, far from it! Directors Notes is really here to let the featured filmmakers in whatever length or form they may be, guide us through the sometimes scary journey of realising an idea in film. Their interviews will be like a mental hug to let you know that if they can do it, so can you if you really want to.

So where is all this content…err it’s coming…honestly.

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