Combining 1950s B-movies with porn may not sound like an obvious starting point for a neon road movie-styled music video, but this is exactly what director Bob Dixon has done in his promo for the spaghetti western, David Lynchesque Cheeseburger track, Another Song About Guilt and Death.

I’d been wanting to create an animation that gave the sensation of traveling down a road, after seeing various video games and club visuals of that nature that I liked. I tried to give the impression of a steadily accelerating drive along a desert road lined with neon signs which become flashbacks to a relationship.” Flash was used to rotoscope film footage of couples kissing from a collection of trailers for 1950s B movies, along with some of the softer images from porn videos. These rotoscoped images became the neon signs with all motion graphics completed in After Effects.

Bob Dixon’s other video work includes live show visuals for David Bowie, Kylie, Westlife, S Club 8 and American Idols commissioned by Blink TV. He has also completed promos for Neo Records artists Bass Toy and the Rhythm Masters. His work with Cheeseburger continues with a series of videos created for a DVD of its album Pat and Amy’s Wedding.

– Originally published in Showreel, Issue 3 (Spring 2004)

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