So it’s been pointed out to me that while the Directors Notes podcast is a highlight of the week for many of you, it is after all just 30mins once a week leaving you with a mass of free time on your idle hands. As I wouldn’t want to be responsible for overloading the devil – he’d of course have to rush about finding work for all those at-rest digits – I’m going to start (semi)regularly posting my old print Directors Notes until they’re all up here in their Creative Commons glory. Well my words are covered under CC 2.5, the images you’d have to track down and ask their owners about.

Rob is also tapping away on some between show stuff that he keeps threatening to post and Miss D has many a subject to vent on, which is a meandering way of saying stay tuned to the blog as there’ll actually be stuff worth reading with your morning coffee.

While I’m in update mode I may as well mention that it is my pleasure to be working on this year’s Cinecity Film Festival official podcast. The festival kicks off this Thursday in lovely Brighton with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s Babel and the shows will be posting on the Cinecity website soon, but I’ll let you know here and in the show when that happens for anyone who wants to overload on my voice. If you’re going to be down at the festival and see me say hi. I’ll be the guy walking around bothering people for interviews and basically making a nuisance of myself.

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