A couple of weeks ago, I got to attend the cast and crew screening for Screen South’s 2007 slate of Digital Shorts and crashed the post screening party to find out more about the Digital Shorts experience from the Screen South team and this year’s supported directors.

Cregan – Dir. Steve North

Cregan is fleeing from his home. Seeking refuge at his brother’s house, he witnesses a horrific event that forces him into a choice he should never have to make.

Timepiece – Dir. Kat Mansoor

A documentary capturing the dying craft of artisan watchmaking; a fragile world that is fast becoming the stuff of history.

Listen to our full Timepiece interview with Kat Mansoor

Would Like To Meet – Dir. Trevor de Silva

A single mum looks for love in the lonely-hearts pages. Unbeknown to her, someone has decided to play cupid – her 8 year-old son.

Birdfeeder – Dir. Jo Barnes

Birdfeeder is a film about hope. It is set in a possible future in Southampton where Seagulls have risen to the top of the food chain and we have taken a fall down the pecking order.

Get Off My Land – Dir. Douglas Ray

A young couple’s walk through the countryside leads to a confrontation with the landowner and an unlikely challenge.

2 Responses to DN Special: Screen South – Digital Shorts 2007

  1. Excellent, I really enjoy these special editions at film festivals. Also, it works well that you have the show number and name at the beginning of the shows, because when I listen while I drive, I can browse through several episodes without needing to look at my mp3 player.

  2. MarBelle says:

    Hey Stephen,

    Thanks for the feedback – and the links you’ve been sending my way too. In fact I ended up giving you a shout out in this week’s intro for that very reason.


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