Today’s interview’s slightly different in that instead of zeroing in on a single film, we’re looking at four very different pieces from director Mike Chan’s body of work, to get a feel for the variety of projects he creates with his regular team of collaborators; including experiments with photocopiers in Distortion, duelling Ping Pong playing TVs, Mods vs Rockers dancing chair fantasies in Biker Mike and Auto Pilot, a playful giant gorilla attack disaster music video for The Mount Cherries.

Auto Pilot (2006)
A giant gorilla arrives in the airport and things quickly turn chaotic. The Mount Cherries’ aeroplane tries to dodge the gorilla’s grasp until the hot air hostesses jump out and dance with the gorilla, who turns out to be friends with the pilot.

Distortion (2005)

An animation about expressing yourself using a photocopy machine.

Ping Pong (2006)

A ping pong match takes place between two televisions.

Biker Mike (2004)

A short film about Biker Mike, mods and chairs. Biker Mike has been beaten by the mods. In order to escape the pain, he slips into a dream world of dance and chairs.

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