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A Young Girl’s World Is Torn Apart in Yuchao Feng’s Heartbreaking Child Abandonment Short ‘Pearl’

Live Action

1st June, 2020

Yuchao Feng reveals how a revelatory phone call with his mother inspired him to make 'Pearl', the tragic story of a young girl abandoned by her family.

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A Young Female Weightlifter Finds an Unexpected Source of Support in Johnson Cheng’s Sports Drama ‘Iron Hands’

Live Action

20th April, 2020

Johnson Cheng joins us with 'Iron Hands', his short about a 12-year-old girl's bid to join a typically all-boys Chinese youth Olympic weightlifting team.

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Jia Zhang-Ke Returns to His Hometown of Fenyang for Chinese History Doc ‘Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue’

Documentary, Film Festival

24th February, 2020

DN spoke to legendary director Jia Zhang-ke at Belinale 2020 about returning to his hometown of Fenyang for new doc 'Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue'.

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Jonathan Bregel Tracks the World’s Largest Annual Human Migration in Short Doc ‘Chunyun’


10th February, 2020

Jonathan Bregel reveals the minimalist approach he took when creating documentary short 'Chunyun', a film about the world's largest annual human migration

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A Woman Births a Jellyfish in Jian Luo’s ‘What Do You Know About the Water and the Moon’

Film Festival, Live Action

7th October, 2019

We speak to Jian Luo about her moving, surreal story of a young woman who gives birth to a live jellyfish 'What Do You Know About the Water and the Moon'.

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Roni Shao Reveals How China’s Underground Artists Are Pushing the Boundaries of Art & Culture in ‘Frontiers’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Music

31st July, 2019

Roni Shao explains how he navigated the new frontiers of self-expression defining the future of Chinese art & culture in multi-sensory feast 'Frontiers'.

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Nike – Further Than Ever

Asides, Live Action

24th June, 2019

Ian Pons Jewell throws us into the thick of the action in 'Further Than Ever' – a kinetic celebration of Chinese female athletes created for Nike.

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How Ian Pons Jewell Lined up Viral Success for Nike in Future Football Ad Spot ‘Dare to Become’

Live Action

5th November, 2018

DN talks to Ian Pons Jewell about his viral 'Dare To Become' Nike ad spot - an exhilarating playful mix of future tech and dynamically shot football.

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Asides, Live Action

5th October, 2018

The freeing affirmation of a teen’s cross-dressing comfort is disrupted when they inadvertently bump into their father in Yuchao Feng’s 'Red'.

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Don’t Call Me Precious

Asides, Live Action

7th September, 2018

Ben Brand demonstrates the resilience of children in 'Don’t Call Me Precious', an ad spot made for Nike China featuring four real-life child athletes.

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Embracing Human Instinct, Amber Xu’s ‘Luscious’ Denotes Boundless Pleasure Through Fantasy


10th August, 2016

We speak to Amber Xu about her animated look inside the human psyche and the power of its creativity in fantasy short ‘Luscious’

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Hu Wei Explores the Erosion of Tibetan Culture in Oscar Nominated Short ‘Butter Lamp’

Art & Fashion

21st January, 2015

Ostensibly the story of a photographer and his assistant capturing family portraits of the inhabitants of a remote Tibetan village, Hu Wei's experimental

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