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16th April, 2013

Generated in real-time in with open source programming language Processing, Raven Kwok’s 18F44 is a transfixing experiment of growth, mutation,

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29th April, 2012

SubWars, the latest animation from Chinese director SeanSoong highlights exactly why you should always give up your seat for an elderly person. Equally

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Cat Picks up the Girl


3rd April, 2012

A cat picks up a girl and feeds her. The cat tell the girl what is life and tenderness of time. She breaths the refreshing air in the city, she takes

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Killer Toys


22nd November, 2011

Created using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, Dongjie Zhu’s graduating film from the China Academy of Art, Killer Toys takes us into the imagination of

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DN050: A Farewell Song – Arthur & Luther Jones

Documentary, Podcasts

23rd August, 2007

I’m joined by Arthur Jones who with his brother Luther spent six years creating A Farewell Song, a documentary that charts how a group of Chinese

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DN042: Auto Pilot, Distortion, Ping Pong & Biker Mike – Mike Chan

Animation, Music, Podcasts

29th June, 2007

Today’s interview’s slightly different in that instead of zeroing in on a single film, we’re looking at four very different pieces from

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