Amidst the two weeks of screenings and events that was The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival sat the calm oasis of the filmmakers’ breakfasts, which along with being a perfect opportunity to load up on coffee and croissants for the day, meant that I got to speak to some of the directors with their films fresh in mind.

It’s rare that cinema takes a step back from the perceived God complex persona of the all mighty surgeon to consider the difficult and weighty decisions these people have to make every day of their careers and often with mere minutes of deliberation. I spoke to Geoffrey Smith about his documentary The English Surgeon which follows the work of neurosurgeon Henry Marsh as he travels to the Ukraine to assist his friend and fellow neurosurgeon Igor Kurilets.

The English Surgeon (2007)

This documentary offers a glimpse into the life of an English neurosurgeon (Henry Marsh) situated in Ukraine as we are exposed to the overwhelming dilemmas he has to face and the burden he has to carry throughout his profession.

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  1. Makenzie says:

    Both Dr. Henry Marsh and director Geoffrey Smith will be attending the premiere of The English Surgeon tonight (Mar.31) at the IFC Center in NY if interested.

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