Ralf Christensen joins us this week to discuss his film Good Copy Bad Copy – co-directed with Andreas Johnsen and Henrik Moltke – a documentary debate investigating the opposing views to copyright and how it affects us all as the media we consume becomes ever more accessible.

Good Copy Bad Copy (2007)

A documentary about the current state of copyright and culture.

One Response to DN071: Good Copy Bad Copy – Andreas Johnsen, Ralf Christensen & Henrik Moltke

  1. I just downloaded and watched the film and I think that anyone currently creating content regardless of how your distributing it (internet, stores, etc etc) should see this film. It gives a neutral approach and does not try to make you see no copy right or the full copy right in a bad light.

    Like you said it just shows you the facts and lets you decide for your self how you stand on the subject.

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