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A Family Recall the Uncanny Tale of a Mother and the Ghost of Her Son in Christian Einshøj’s ‘Haunted’

Documentary, Premiere

16th September, 2019

Christian Einshøj tells DN how he extensively edited his short documentary 'Haunted' to most truthfully tell the story of his family's greatest loss.

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A Boy’s Disturbing Imagination Is Unleashed on the World in Johan Stahl’s Dark Trailer ‘Play: The Power of Ideas’

Film Festival, Live Action

29th April, 2019

Johan Stahl talks to DN about unleashing a young boy's disturbing imagination on the world in Newport Beach Film Fest trailer 'Play: The Power of Ideas'.

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A Fallen Man Heads Home on a Wave of Destruction in Casper Balslev’s Danish Western ‘End of the Rainbow’

Live Action

11th April, 2019

DN speaks to dir. Casper Balslev about setting his bleak fallen man thriller 'End of the Rainbow' in northern Denmark's hauntingly desolate landscapes.

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The Animation Workshop: Film Round-up 2019


28th February, 2019

The latest batch of Animation Workshop grad films are now all available to watch online - feat. an eclectic mix of styles and subjects, watch all 6 here.

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Animation, Asides

8th November, 2018

Stunning animation and powerful storytelling come together seamlessly in Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez’s The Animation Workshop grad short 'Reverie'.

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Beyond Borders

Art & Fashion, Asides

28th May, 2018

Stefan Pflug & Nicklas Hemming’s 'Beyond Borders' celebrates 4 Denmark artists who create work which exceeds the traditional limitations of geography.

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Asides, Live Action

2nd March, 2018

Martin de Thurah’s trailer for Far Cry 5 prelude short 'Inside Eden’s Gate' provides a compelling glimpse into a rural America ruled by a violent cult.

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DN355: A Prima Ballerina Fights for Relevance & Perfection in Birgitte Stærmose’s Psycho Thriller ‘Darling’

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

9th November, 2017

Denmark's Birgitte Stærmose discusses 'Darling', her intense story of pain and perfection which unfolds in the demanding world of professional ballet.

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Sune Lykke Albinus Intuits the Unreality of Love & Festivals in ‘Don’t Tell Me About Your Dreams’

Live Action

3rd October, 2017

Sune Lykke Albinus explains the free flowing logistics of shooting his dreamy young adult romance amidst a crowd of 160K people at the Roskilde Festival.

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Some of Life’s Largest Themes Are up for a Ponder in Jeppe Kolstrup’s ‘Tropical Island’

Live Action

8th August, 2017

Jeppe Kolstrup spoke to DN about creating a distinctive aesthetic on a small budget with minimum crew for his contemplative short 'Tropical Island'.

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Johan Stahl Deploys Sarcasm as a Weapon Against the North Korean Regime in Brand Film ‘Dear Leader’

Art & Fashion, Live Action

17th July, 2017

Sundance award winning dir. Johan Stahl reveals his crusade to help abolish the North Korean regime by redeploying fake news as a satirical brand video.

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Kristian Håskjold Breaks Our Hearts as a Relationship Dies in His Painfully Authentic Short ‘Forever Now’

Live Action

28th June, 2017

Kristian Håskjold discusses his heart-wrenching depiction of a couple’s final MDMA-fuelled weekend together as they attempt to part ways amicably.

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