The Cinema16 DVD collections have always treated me well (isn’t it about time we had a new one? *cough*). However, even a collection of the best shorts contains films that stand head and shoulders above the rest. For the American Short Films collection it was Stefan Nadelman’s Terminal Bar.

When Stefan joined us to chat about Menomena’s Evil Bee promo, we touched on the vast goldmine that was his father’s (Sheldon Nadelman) huge archive of photos and stories, and how Terminal Bar had only scratched the surface of the infamous Times Square watering hole.

It been a long time coming, (Stefan was working on the sequel when we spoke in early ’08) but Stefan has once again thrown open the bar doors. This time we get to hang with the Terminal Bar’s Pimps and Prostitutes. Instead of a full on sequel to the 23 minutes original Stefan has decided to, instead do little vignettes from time to time until I’ve exhausted all the wonderful assets. Hopefully that means we wont have to wait too long for the next installment.

And here’s an excerpt from the original Terminal Bar.

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