Penguins aside, it’s rare to see a documentary that solely focuses on the experiences of non-human protagonists. In her feature Horses, Liz Mermin spent a year documenting the lives of three Irish racehorses, with the potential to be stars of the National Hunt racing circuit. Liz joins us to discuss the challenges of creating a documentary where the humans are mere bit players.

Horses (2009)

A beautifully detailed and exciting documentary film following a year in the lives of three Irish racehorses, keeping as close to the horses as possible.

There’s a patience about sitting and waiting and watching I think that you need to have in this kind of film in order to get something.

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  1. Susan Gordon says:

    I love the film clips and love this interview – can’t wait to see the rest of the doc! Just finished a student project a few weeks ago on a similar topic – the retiring of a young, injured race horse in Vancouver, B.C. It’s called “Racing Machine…a thoroughbred story”. It’s on Vimeo in HD. I had about 24 hours post-pitch to put it together and 4 days to shoot – plus my editor had just learned FC Pro that week. So it ended up a short demo but I’d love to continue it to a feature-length doc and tell the full story. WTG Liz – I also had to work with non-horsepeople on my crew and I totally relate to everything you’ve said! Hope you win lots of awards šŸ™‚

  2. jean says:

    when will this movie be released in the US?

  3. MarBelle says:

    Hey Jean, I’m not sure as the film is currently listed as unavailable on Amazon? Best bet is to head of to and ask them via the contact form.

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