Hunting and Sons is the second feature from Sander Burger, focused on a couple who appear to be living an ordinary life the film is full of questions of what takes us over the edge.

After returning to Amsterdam to take over his late father’s shop, Taco meets Sandra, a woman who’s loved him since school and the two get married. Sandra and Taco’s flat is filled with Ikea and habitat paraphernalia, they live a life full of convenience and style. The insecurity Sandra feels in the relationship leads to her developing an eating disorder that she manages to keep hidden until she falls pregnant. The desperation Taco feels to make her eat leads him to take drastic actions which have devastating effects.

An upsetting film, beautifully shot within a Danish village that provides the rare opportunity to see pregnancy from a man’s perspective. I sat down with director Burger to talk about his approach to developing the script alongside lead actors Maria Kraakman and Dragan Bakema.

Hunting & Sons (2010)

The disturbing tale of a young couple whose marriage disintegrates when they become pregnant.

There are I think 180 cuts in the whole film. A normal film has about 3000, so sometimes you needed to see the whole film to see how a cut works halfway.

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