Kai1It’s truly heart-warming to see someone using the medium of film for a good cause and I know entertaining people is a good cause, but I mean a REALLY good cause. Marking the end of National Adoption week, High as a Kai is a film highlighting the importance of the adoption system in our society and how the process can literally save lives. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting director Jodi De Souza a few times now and I’m constantly impressed by her passion and commitment to her films and the subjects they cover. If you’re anywhere near the Curzon in Soho in a couple of weeks time, go along and give a blossoming director the support she deserves

8 year old Kai is having his photo taken for Be My Parent Magazine, a UK publication distributed to prospective adopters. He talks about his present experience and his hopes and dreams for the uncertain future. One thing is for sure, after today choices are going to be made, but what impact will these decisions have on him?

For more information on High as a Kai check out the website

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