So, you wanna be a filmmaker but despite your best efforts feel that you could do with a little guidance along the way to your auteurship? You could apply for film school, but the competition’s tough to even get through the door and once you’re there you’ll have to sell a kidney to cover tuition. If only there was some way for you to tap into the best and brightest of the active filmmaking community and save all your cash for the budget of your break out hit.

Well God bless Vimeo, who have been secretly working away over the past year or so on the Vimeo Video School. At launch they’ve got a boat load of tutorials covering areas such as DSLR, Editing, Lighting and Sound, with the promise of much more to come. Several of the tutorials also lay down the gauntlet by challenging you to put what you’ve just learnt into practice by signing up to a Lesson Challenge. If you fancy yourself a seasoned veteran of the filmmaking arts or know of some good tutorials then you can pay it forward by submitting them to the User Made Tutorials group.

We’ve said before that Vimeo felt like the obvious home of filmmakers online, but with introduction of the Vimeo Video School they’re taking filmmakers along the entire creative journey.

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