I know what you’re thinking….”haven’t they just done films of 2010?” Well don’t worry, I haven’t made a time machine and I can’t see into the future, this isn’t a list of the best films of 2011, just the ones I most looking forward to. Every year we do a restrospective of the 12 months that have just passed, but we never look into the future with anticipation of what the next 12 months will bring. This is my top ten of films I’m bursting to see in 2011 (I’ve only picked films with trailers currently circulating out there and I’m sure this list will grow and expand throughout the year):

1. The Tree of LifeTerrence Malick
With the films of Terence Malick you can expect fascinating stories, rounded characters and stunning visuals. His captivating films always turn out to be a work of true beauty and I have no doubt The Tree of Life will be one of my films of the year.


2. Essential KillingJerzy Skolimowski
Bit of a personal choice this one, but I’m giddy at the thought of a film that resembles Rambo and stars Vincent Gallo.

3. Black Swan Darren Aronofsky
Many people around the world may have already seen Aronofsky’s latest film, but with a January release date for the UK, it’s a film I’m itching to see. Although I enjoyed The Wrestler, I’m aching for Aronosky to return to his weirder beginnings, as seen in Pi and Requiem for a Dream.

4. MelancholiaLars von Trier
A new Von Trier film is always an event and the latest offering from the eccentric Dane looks as intriguing as ever.

5. How I Ended This SummerAlexei Popogrebski
Winner of ‘Best Film’ at London Film Festival 2010, this is the story of two men working at a remote meteorological station on a Russian Arctic island. If the whole film’s cinematography is as sumptuous as the trailers, we’re in for a treat.

6. True Grit – the Coen Brothers
Many may have groaned when they discovered the Coens were remaking True Grit (lets face it their remake of The Ladykillers didn’t turn out too good), I for one was damn excited.

7. ArmadilloJanus Metz
Like a Danish Restrepo, Armadillo looks as if it could take the war documentary to the next level.

8. Never Let Me GoMark Romanek
Having made his name in the world of the music video, talented director Romanek takes Kazuo Ishiguro’s critically acclaimed novel to the big screen (if only it didn’t star Keira Knightley, this could be higher in the list).

Read the DN review of Never Let Me Go.

9. 127 HoursDanny Boyle
As with Black Swan, this is another film many around the world will have already seen, but with an early January release in the UK, we’re still eagerly waiting to see the latest Boyle effort hit the big screen. It may not feature Bollywood dancing, zombies or a trip to the sun, but with Danny Boyle you always have high expectations.

Read the DN review of 127 Hours.

10. RangoGore Verbinski
A strung out chameleon looking a little like Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (and definitely sounding like him), wanders into a Western town in need of protection. I’m not a big fan of the work of Gore Verbinski, but if they all looked as good as Rango, I could easily be turned.

4 Responses to Films of 2011

  1. Sondhi says:

    Dang. Didn’t realize the UK was still behind on those prestige releases. I guess not every film gets worldwide release instantly like Harry Potter. 4 stars for Black Swan and 3 each for Never Let Me Go and 127 Hours in my book.

  2. Dawn Everett says:

    In Time and Rise of the Planet of the Apes look like movies I want to see whenever they get to Paris or if they have already been here. There is not so much information on what movies are coming or if they are coming, except if they are Harry Potter movies, which I have no interest in. In France they play movies that are directed at no particular target audience like in America. It’s fustrating, but they eventually come years and years after the movie is released, so I can wait.

  3. El Vez says:

    Well what you lack in information on films in Paris, you certainly make up for with art, architecture and food….it is easily one of my favourite places on earth!

    Luckily with technology evolving the way it is, with films being simultaneously released on the interest & the big screen, it is getting easier to see good films and will only continue getting easier.

    I actually saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes at the local cinema the other day and although I didn’t hate it, I was left wondering one thing…..How come over 30 years ago Eastwood had a real Orangutan in Every Which Way but Loose and now, in this day and age, Franco gets a CGI one? We need more real monkeys in films!

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