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Some Static Started

We were first introduced to Ben Briand through his sumptuous short Apricot, well he’s back again with another fine piece of intriguing filmmaking, Some Static Started. It’s definitely a weirder piece than Apricot and where his previous film felt like a indie love story, his latest film, with its unanswered questions and rumbling soundtrack,  feels like it’s straight out of the Lynch mould.

8 Responses to Some Static Started

  1. Sondhi says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t exactly in the tank for Apricot, but I struggled to find anything interesting in this one =(

  2. MarBelle says:

    That’s a shame, I really like the atmosphere of this. It had my brain buzzing trying to figure out the different characters’ relationships.

  3. El Vez says:

    Snap. I really enjoyed the mystery and intrigue of Some Static Started, it doesn’t have the instant charm of Apricot, but its definitely a short I want to know more about.

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