If writing what you know is good, then it’s logical to presume writing something everyone knows and has experienced is an even better strategy for a filmmaker to employ. Director Ben Briand picked the universal theme of first love, for his ‘chance encounter’ short Apricot, and joins us to discuss the importance of memory in his films.

Apricot (2009)

Do you remember your first love? … Do you remember your first kiss? … Do you remember? …

I very much like the idea of being dropped into the middle of a scene […] because as an audience it means you have to try and catch up or you have to try and piece things together. It’s not just a passive experience.

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  1. Jason Hall says:

    A wonderful use of 10 minutes in short filmmaking! I am using this script and film as a great example for my IB Film class. There are great techniques used in all respects: cinematography, sound/music, writing, editing, composition. Thank you!

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