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The Events of a Party Derail an Intimate Mother-Daughter Bond in Renée Marie Petropoulos’ ‘Tangles and Knots’

Live Action

25th September, 2019

Learn why director Renée Marie Petropoulos wants to spark "provocative internal dialogue" in audiences with her challenging short 'Tangles and Knots'.

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How Sinéad Mcdevitt Crafted a Luminous Celebration of Authentic Lesbian Love in Dance Music Video ‘The Ocean’


20th September, 2019

Sinéad McDevitt reveals how she combined music, film, dance and VFX into a luminous celebration of authentic same-sex relationships in 'The Ocean'.

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Four Strangers Indulge in the Transient Purgatory of a Highway Motel in Daniel Swinton’s ‘Bullet Time’


21st August, 2019

Daniel Swinton opens the door on the private purgatory of four strangers taking up temporary residence at a highway motel in 'Bullet Time'.

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Scott Geersen Visualises the ‘Legacy’ of Humanity in TEDxSydney’s Grand 10th Anniversary Titles

Animation, Art & Fashion

29th July, 2019

Scott Geersen tells DN how he safeguarded humanity's 'Legacy' for the future in his breathtaking title sequence for the 10th anniversary of TEDxSydney.

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Anisa Nandaula Rages Against Australia’s Draconian Refugee Policies in Bill+Brown’s Blistering ‘The Year Is 2020’

Art & Fashion

10th June, 2019

Bill+Brown discuss collaborating with writer Anisa Nandaula on gut punch film 'The Year is 2020' which calls out Australia’s draconian refugee policies.

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Visitor Capture a Female Sumo Wrestler’s Indomitable Will to Succeed in Music Video Doc ‘Resolution’

Documentary, Music

31st May, 2019

Visitor take DN behind the scenes of Safia music video doc 'Resolution', their stirring profile of a female sumo wrestler's indomitable will to succeed.

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Guilty Pleasures Meet Female Vengeance in Armand De Saint-Salvy’s One-Shot Music Video ’29 Gold Stars’


24th May, 2019

Armand De Saint-Salvy shares how he pulled off a one-shot tale of deceit and vengeance that unfolds over several weeks in music video '29 Gold Stars'.

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The Intense Memories of Love Slowly Fade Away in Rob Smith’s One-Shot Music Video ‘Catherine’


22nd May, 2019

Director Rob Smith explains how he conveyed the emotional evaporation of a break-up in one continuous circular shot for PHFAT music video 'Catherine'.

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Thomas Pike Devises a Novel Way to Find Sustenance in a Post-Apocalyptic World in ‘New Neighbourhood’


8th April, 2019

Thomas Pike tells DN how he devised and execute an absurdly novel method of hunting in a post-apocalyptic world for his 'New Neighbourhood' music video.

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An Isolated Young Man’s Conspiracy Theories Push Him into the Darkness of Radicalism in Julian Tuna’s ‘Joy’

Music, Premiere

20th March, 2019

Julian Tuna's disturbingly relevant music video 'Joy' depicts how the conspiracy theories of an isolated young man push him further into radicalism.

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Leilani Croucher Pens a Love Letter to the Repressed Parts of Womanhood in Olympia Music Video ‘Shoot To Forget’


8th March, 2019

Leilani Croucher discusses casting Olympia in a quintet of roles which embody the emotional traits women are expected to suppress in 'Shoot To Forget'.

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Asides, Live Action

26th February, 2019

Inside a lingerie fitting room a customer who has recently undergone a mastectomy tries to find a bra that works in Emily Avila's touching short 'Fitting'

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