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Paul Nevison Reflects on Resilient Motherhood Amid the Syrian Crisis in Short Film ‘Prayer of the Mothers’

Art & Fashion

10th May, 2021

Paul Nevison channels the power of resilient motherhood for his film 'Prayer of the Mothers', a humbling look at the Syrian crisis through a family's eyes.

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Scott Geersen Brings to Life the Elastic Nature of Reality in Global Collaborative Title Sequence ‘TEDxREAL’


25th February, 2021

Scott Geersen on working with some of the world's best motion & sound studios to explore the nature of reality in collaborative title sequence

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Dane McCusker Explores the Cross-Gender Boundaries of Social Interaction in Highly Fraught Drama ‘The Complex’

Live Action

27th November, 2020

Dane McCusker talks getting up close and uncomfortably personal in 'The Complex' as a young woman wrestles with the unwanted advances of her new neighbour

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How Charles Williams Crafted an Emotionally Stirring Family-Son Drama in Palme d’Or Winner ‘All These Creatures’

Live Action

23rd October, 2020

Charles Williams explains how he found beauty through specific details and sound design in his mesmerising, Cannes winning short 'All These Creatures'.

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A Rare Treasure Is Unearthed in Jonathan May’s Back of Beyond Documentary ‘Rear View Mirror’


21st July, 2020

Jonathan May showcases the unique and inspiring characters who find a sense of belonging in one of Australia's most remote towns in 'Rear View Mirror'.

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Toby Morris Kickflips Into the Outer Cosmos for His Experimental Narrative Short ‘Space: A Skate Odyssey’

Live Action

10th July, 2020

Toby Morris combines retro 60s archival footage with a repressed skateboarding housewife for his new experimental short 'Space: A Skate Odyssey'.

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A Group of Vagabond Girls Run Wild in the Outback of Toby Morris’ Dystopian Sci-Fi ‘Cooee’

Live Action

18th May, 2020

Toby Morris tells DN how he fostered a sense of community on the set of 'Cooee' his proof-of-concept sci-fi set in a dystopian vision of South Australia.

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M.P. Wills Delivers a Topsy-Turvy Genre-Bender with Delicious Revenge Flick ‘Blood Orange’

Live Action

13th May, 2020

Blending beauty and terror M.P. Wills' 'Blood Orange' is alternately horrifying and hilarious. We sat down with the director to discuss his short film!

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Memories of an Absent Father Emerge in Matthew Thorne’s Stormy Outback Drama ‘The Sand That Ate The Sea’

Live Action, Premiere

29th April, 2020

Matthew Thorne reveals how dream-generated imagery and magic realism inspired his outback-set father and son drama 'The Sand That Ate The Sea'.

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Gabriel Francis Discovers Personal Growth Amidst the Turbulence of Unexpected Changes in Dry Comedy ‘Perisher’

Live Action

2nd March, 2020

Gabriel Francis on dry comedy 'Perisher', the story of a high school graduate, a geologist and a retired racehorse facing uncertain futures in a small town

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Matias Bolla Provides a Glimpse Into the Lives of Isolated Patagonian Gauchos in Enthralling Doc ‘Campesinos’

Documentary, Premiere

26th February, 2020

DN speaks with documentarian Matias Bolla about 'Campesinos' his film about the lives of Chilean gauchos, and their journey of tradition and endurance.

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Animation, Ideas, and Discourse Join Forces in Robert Grieves’ 2D/3D Animated Short ‘Disorder’

Animation, Premiere

18th February, 2020

Animator Robert Grieves returns to DN to explain how we went about bringing the climate change discourse to life in this impressive explainer short.

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