Based on Jason Rand and Juan E. Ferreyra’s Image Comics series Small Gods, Marcus Perry’s fan film pits precognitive cop Owen Young and his partner, John Meyer against an all powerful telepathic killer, in a standoff that’s anything but balanced.

Shot over a February weekend on the RED, Perry drafted in a talented crew of friends who volunteered their time to ensure the majority of the $10K budget was seen on screen, going towards locations at Lacy Street Studios in downtown LA, set dressing and wardrobe. VFX artists from Digital Domain ensured the project made it through post during downtime hours.

The resulting Small Gods teaser gives us a snapshot of the partners’ relationship and an impressive action set piece; I particularly liked the precognition visualisations. Perry already has a feature script that he’s in the process of financing so hopefully it won’t be too long before we see the full story.

2 Responses to Small Gods Teaser

  1. Charles Tomkins says:

    The comic was so, so good, I know the film will be as succesful as the comic. The script was excellent and Ferreyra’s art was terrific! I would like to see the saga continuing in new episodes.

  2. MarBelle says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read the comic but Marcus’ teaser has made me want to grab the graphic. Hopefully he’ll move ahead with Small Gods even as episodes even if the feature doesn’t get funded.

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