Project Shell - Blow Studio

Project Shell is a Sci-fi short showcasing some seriously high production values from Blow Studio, an audiovisual production unit based in Seville.

Year 2086. Kate Sorin never imagined how volunteering herself as “base citizen” for Project Shell would determine her fate. The Western Confederation claimed that the creation of the cyber-clones would be the bridge to a free and equal society, without thinking that their human nature would fight against the role they were created for: to be slaves.

Soon began the riots. The clones started a rebellion, trying to escape using any means. To control outbreaks of violence and retrieve escaped units the Confederation created a specialized police unit, the CHD (Clone Hunter Division).

The individual 0258 escaped impersonating Kate, but everything went wrong and she saw herself forced to kidnap Kate´s daughter to survive, who died in the crossfire. Since that moment, Kate joined the CHD with a single goal, to find 0258 and avenge the death of his daughter.

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