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The Passion of Desire Spans Decades in Lucio Castro’s Queer Romance Feature ‘End of the Century’

Live Action

21st February, 2020

Lucio Castro talks to us about reuniting two men for a one night stand whose seeds were sown 20 years earlier in his debut feature 'End of the Century'.

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Joan Bosch Contemplates the Desire for a Body Without a Soul in Experimental Short ‘Diary of Hidden Bodies’

Art & Fashion

6th January, 2020

Director Joan Bosch contemplates the desire to become merely matter, a physical body devoid of a soul in experimental short 'Diary of Hidden Bodies'.

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DN372: The Passion of Desire Spans Decades in Lucio Castro’s Queer Romance Feature ‘End of the Century’

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

23rd December, 2019

Lucio Castro joins DN with decade spanning film 'End of the Century' which reunites 2 men for a one night stand whose seeds were sown two decades earlier.

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A Forgotten Love Spans Generations in Marta González De La Vega’s Spanish Romance Short ‘Mai’

Film Festival, Live Action

18th December, 2019

Marta Gonzales tells DN how she used colour to construct distinct past/present visuals & took on multiple roles for her debut romance Spanish short 'Mai'.

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Fatal Tiger: Fucking Down

Asides, Music

19th November, 2019

Amanda Lago uses nuanced choreography to explore our struggles for self-acceptance in a world of mass self-curation in dance music video 'Fucking Down'.

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Victor Claramunt Approaches the Impending Doom of the Plastic Crisis with Youth & Humour in ‘La Mer’

Art & Fashion

3rd September, 2019

DN speaks with Victor Claramunt about the creation of his humorous and youthful ecological art film confronting the impending plastic crisis 'La Mer'.

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Jan Eric Huehn & Alex Schuchmann Examine Family Life Outside Society in Fuerteventura Documentary ‘Omogeneo’


25th June, 2019

Jan Eric Huehn & Alex Schuchmann tell DN how they shot short doc 'Omogeneo' capturing the unique way of life of a family on the fringes of society.

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A Mother’s Grief Returns to Haunt Her in Alex Gargot’s Unnerving Cora Novoa Music Video ‘State of Mind’


27th May, 2019

Alex Gargot weaves an macabre story of grief as a mother battles with the possibility of life after death on her son’s funeral day in 'State of Mind'.

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Albert Oriol Animates An Alphabet of Illustrators for the 36 Days of Type Challenge

Animation, Art & Fashion

23rd May, 2019

DN speaks with animator Albert Oriol about working with 36 artists to animated their typography for his worldwide collaborative 36 Days of Type project.

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A Pair of Outcasts Flee for the Refuge of the Sea in Pérez Y Stein’s Split Perspective Shorts ‘UMI’

Live Action, Premiere

20th May, 2019

We speak to Paul Stein about drawing inspiration from the work of Jim Jarmusch & the focus shooting on film provided for split perspective shorts 'UMI'.

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Patrick Knot Takes a Symbolic Journey into the Spirit of Bauhaus in 100th Anniversary Short ‘Courage’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

13th May, 2019

Patrick Knot tells DN how he headed to France to capture a symbolic journey into the spirit of Bauhaus in 100th anniversary commemorative short 'Courage'.

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Marvel at the Living Art of Catalonia’s Mesmerising Human Towers in Autobahn Documentary ‘Castells’


9th May, 2019

Pedro and James reveal how they documented the characters and communities behind the Catalan tradition of human towers in captivating short 'Castells'.

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