New lands

I scratched for three years frame by frame crosses on the breasts of women,
filmed in Super 8, if you like See it.

When you receive a viewing invitation like that it makes you glad you shelled out the extra for high-speed broadband. Bennet Pimpinella drops a strange, but visually intriguing unofficial promo for Justice track New Lands – Do I need to warn it’s NSFW, that’s kinda already implied isn’t it?

And lest you think Pimpinella simply came up with a cunning plan to have ladies expose themselves on film, here’s some info on the project’s objectives:

Cross, performance, erotism, madness, scratch running into the vital space of people that you meet in the street. For 90 seconds. The man (Bennet) holds the cross that is a transitory element, the fulcrum of the quick and drifting relation between the performer and the people passing by.

The dynamics of the exchange is sudden but at the same time invasive, the man makes a sign on nude bodies that show themselves to the camera. Then it leaves them. Later takes them back, one after another, scratching them on the film, again and again.

The cross lands on the nude skin freeing the female body from a secular repression, or signs the skin and body thus becoming a gesture of self-censorship against a sexual liberty that is too ostentatious.

The people in the street curiosly watch, taking part of the growing excitement, palpable, that preceeds the movement.

The erotism becomes sublime during the preparation, at the moment the individual collects the provocation, accepting to become the main character of a game with parts that are not defined. [sic]

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