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Enea Colombi’s ‘Non Esiste Amore A Napoli’ Sets Tropico’s Music in a Forbidding Yet Beautiful Landscape


20th October, 2021

Enea Colombi shares how he used non-actors and stunning vistas for his enigmatic music video about escaping the trap of destiny.

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Luca Spreafico Explores the Narrative Soul of a Fashion Film Through an Intense Therapy Session in ‘Alex’

Live Action, Premiere

2nd June, 2021

Luca Spreafico explains his decision to incorporate dance in 'Alex' his experimental film which physically explores the lasting effects of childhood trauma.

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Tommaso Ottomano Delivers a Bold Exploration of the Relationship Between the Physical and Mental Ego in ‘Body’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

12th May, 2021

Tommaso Ottomano explains why he decided to create 'Body' a boldly unabashed digital magazine cover hosted on OnlyFans to bypass outdated censorship rules.

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LEONE Paints Youthful Romantics as Restless Bees in His Savvy Music Film ‘Sting Like a Bee’

Live Action

23rd March, 2021

LEONE discusses drawing parallels between youthful romance, the natural world and an iconic Italian car for his form-melding music film 'Sting Like a Bee'

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Two Siblings Must Protect Their Family’s Monstrous Secret in Dylan Walsh’s Horror Drama ‘Brother’

Live Action, Premiere

18th February, 2021

Dylan Walsh reveals how a remote Italian town rallied behind the production of 'Brother', his dramatic monster short about a hidden familial terror.

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Giulia Achenza Explores the Cyclical Nature of Life in Enigmatic Momoni Fashion Film ‘Fenice’

Art & Fashion

17th February, 2021

Inspired by global events and the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, 'Fenice' director Giulia Achenza explains how she used the fashion film to explore rebirth.

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Delia Simonetti Spotlights Milan’s Afro-Italian and Queer Community in Celebratory Motion Portrait Promo ‘Foreplay’


22nd January, 2021

Delia Simonetti reveals how she gathered Milan's tightly-knit Afro-Italian community for a series of playful portraits in vibrant music video 'Foreplay'.

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Chiara Feriani Brings Popovy Sisters’ Beguiling Haute Couture Art Dolls to Uncanny Life in CGI Short ‘Human?’

Animation, Art & Fashion

22nd July, 2020

Chiara Feriani takes DN through the 4 month long challenge of breathing digital life into the Popovy Sisters' beguiling art dolls in CGI short 'Human?'

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DN371: Maura Delpero Embarks on an Enthralling Exploration of the Meaning of Motherhood in Dramatic Debut ‘Maternal’

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

20th December, 2019

Maura Delpero reveals how she built cohesion between the professional, non-professional and child performances needed for her drama debut 'Maternal'.

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Daniel Marini Reveals the Hidden Trauma of Domestic Abuse in His Unflinching EVAW Campaign Film

Live Action

25th November, 2019

Daniel Marini shares how he created a powerful through the looking-glass reveal without the use of VFX for his unflinching EVAW single-shot campaign film.

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Hotel MFW

Art & Fashion, Asides

16th September, 2019

The Blink Fish take us on a guided tour of the unique guests residing in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Milan Fashion Week short 'Hotel MFW'.

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Dan Sadgrove Captures an Ancestral Horse Race Born from Legend in Doc Short ‘S’Ardia é S’Ardia’


9th August, 2019

Dan Sadgrove explains how despite solo shooting & navigating a language barrier he was able to capture a thrilling ancestral horse race born from legend.

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