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Napapijri SS19

Art & Fashion, Asides

12th February, 2019

Ced Pakusevskij delivers a mix of romance, friendship and adventure unfolding across LA’s sprawling urban playgrounds for Napapijri’s Spring/Summer

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Tam Tam – Outside the Lines


13th December, 2018

Greg Hackett explores the meaning of 'identity' for an Italian youth basketball team of immigrant children in short doc 'Tam Tam – Outside the Lines'.

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Ivan Olita Unveils the Esoteric Life of a Spiritual Community of Deep Thinkers in ‘Time Machine’


26th November, 2018

We talk to director Ivan Olita about revealing the remarkable esoteric life of a spiritual community of deep thinkers in short documentary 'Time Machine'.

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A Pizza Delivery Girl Falls Into a World of Wonders & Deadly Dangers in Giuseppe Garau’s ‘Seven Pizzas’

Live Action

8th November, 2018

Italian filmmaker Giuseppe Garau tells DN how his idea of a pizza delivery gone awry became a loving ode to the history of cinema in 'Seven Pizzas'.

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Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti: Caramella

Animation, Asides, Music

7th November, 2018

Emanuele Kabu animates a shifting burst of vibrant colours mixed with masked contemporary music icons for Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti track 'Caramella'.

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The Artists’ Room – OFFF Barcelona 2018

Film Festival, Live Action

1st June, 2018

Artist duo Mathery introduce the initial dropping characters of Oliver, Frida, Federica & Fiona in their fun quirky OFFF festival film 'The Artists’ Room'

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Ivan Olita Reveals the Realities of Life for New York’s Young Artists in ‘Can’t Nobody Else Love You’


30th May, 2018

Ivan Olita delves into the realities of NYC living for the city’s new breed of artists in layered non-fiction short 'Can't Nobody Else Love You'.

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Animation, Asides

16th May, 2018

Stop-motion short 'Aperture' is the captivating result of Italian filmmaker Emanuele Kabu’s attempt to rekindle a connection with his hometown.

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Tommaso Cassinis & Hagan Go in Search of the Roots of Ghana’s Music Scene in Crudo Volta Doc ‘Yenkyi...

Documentary, Music

20th April, 2018

DN speaks to Tommaso Cassinis about working with London music producer Hagan and Crudo Volta to explore Ghana's music scene in documentary 'Yenkyi Taxi'.

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DN358: Luca Dipierro Animates the Death of a Band in ‘Rising. A Requiem For Father Murphy’

Animation, Art & Fashion, Music, Podcasts

6th April, 2018

Luca Dipierro & Father Murphy join us on the podcast to look back at their fruitful collaboration and reveal details of their new stop motion feature film.

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A Girl Embarks on a Journey of Self-Discovery in Coming of Age Fashion Film ‘Not(e) For a Dreamer’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

20th March, 2018

Enrico Poli’s has created a tender, intimate and nostalgic look at the journey from childhood to adulthood his new fashion film 'Not(e) For a Dreamer'.

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The Post-Apocalyptic Roles of Hunter & Prey Blur in Cristiano Gazzarrini’s Immersive Sci-Fi Short ‘US’

Live Action, Premiere

15th January, 2018

Cristiano Gazzarrini tells DN how a live quadraphonic sound experience led to the creation of his immersive post-apocalyptic sci-fi short 'US'.

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